Today, the I Ching tells me how the Creative (Heaven) is tamed by Keeping Still (the Mountain).

Heaven within the mountain:
Thus good people acquaint themselves with many sayings of antiquity
And many deeds of the past,
In order to strengthen their characters…

I know few “sayings of antiquity.” Except, perhaps, “I am that I am,” which is the oldest voice of the many voices I hear. A voice within the deepest traditions of culture–and within myself. It recalls not just the pure spontaneity of the child coming to consciousness, but more to the point, the adult sitting quietly considering the most important life choices. And it brings forward scenes of such rich experience. I think of important relationships, of moments of deep recognition, of moments alone in the mountains looking out from the highest point….and how lucky I am to live this life filled with treasures. I am that I am.

It is the genesis of so many stories. I sit again within the arms of my grandfather as he makes up yet another fable from his unending imagination. I once more lay my head against his shoulder. I sleep, so that today I am ready to hear the deeper resonances of all that life has to offer me — and how very transient that all is.