How much of our lives is a process of unlearning? I unlearn my despair to find my love. I unlearn my craziness in order to find my own capacity to discern. I unlearn my addictions by discovering the real joy of everyday life. Unlearning my stories about myself, unlearning my limitations, I find I am a completely free, a wanderer of the world, all loneliness departed, without a need to play any particular role for myself or others. I unlearn my judgments, and as I do, compassion naturally appears like water flowing through the cracks in an ancient wall. All plants receive this water indistinguishably — whether I happen to first see them as beautiful flowers or as weeds. A garden is a garden, no matter who planted it; no matter how humble the blossom.

I unlearn the day to find a storm of stars. I unlearn the night to find the unfolding petals of first light.